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The Commissioned Officers Association (COA) is a voluntary professional organization of Commissioned Officers of the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS). The Atlanta Branch of the Commissioned Officers Association (ACOA) endeavors to advance the PHS Commissioned Corps by uniting and serving approximately 1,000 Atlanta-based Commissioned Officers and advocating for their interests through leadership and communication.  Led by the Executive Committee, the ACOA is working to:


  • Advance public health knowledge
  • Elevate the professional standards and efficiency of public health workers
  • Promote the interests of the USPHS and its officers
  • Strengthen the relationships between Atlanta-area USPHS Commissioned Officers and other public health workers


    2015 ACOA EC

    2015 ACOA Executive Committee



    Back Row (from left to right):


    LCDR Latasha Allen,  LCDR Laura Gieraltowski,  LT Roberto Garza
    LT Travis Mann,  LCDR Anne Purfield,  LCDR Zewditu Demissie,  LCDR Erin Grasso

    Front Row (from left to right): 


    CDR L. Hausman,  LCDR Neelam Ghiya,
    LCDR Erika Odom,  CDR Valarie Wilson,  LCDR Elizabeth Irvin-Barnwell,
    CDR Deborah Dee
    2015 ACOA President


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    The mission of the Atlanta Commissioned Officers Association of the U. S. Public Health Service is to offer opportunities to Atlanta based officers to give back locally to the community, enjoy camaraderie and esprit de corps.



    The Atlanta Commissioned Officers Association of the U. S. Public Health Service is the premier, award-winning local COA branch that supports the national COA and ACOA's active, inactive and retired officers.

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