Black leather Pad folio w/embossed PHS logo!!!!

Price -  $30 (Non ACOA Member Price - $34)

Perfect for taking to interviews, conferences, and presentations. 

Very sleek and professional. 

Overall dimensions are 9 ½” W x 12 1/8” H x ¾” D. Embossed logo is 3 ½” W.

Just in time for Summer volunteer events; Mother’s and Father’s Day; and all those barbeques! 

A non-official, leisure-wear PHS ball cap, for Officers and Officers’ Friends and Family. One size fits all. The ball cap is navy blue with gold lettering. 

 Price - $16 


PHS Merchandise items available from the Atlanta COA Branch

USPHS Duffel Bag - $30

(Non ACOA Member Price - $34)


The USPHS duffel from Atlanta COA is both durable and functional! This black bag features a prominent golden yellow PHS Seal on the side that meets Uniform Instructions for use with the PHS uniform. In addition to the large main interior pocket there is a large zippered front pocket with rain flap. The bag also features exterior webbing to latch additional accessories to it. There is also a separate pocket on the end with a sleeve for your shoes or damp clothes that prevents them from coming in contact with other items in the bag. In addition to a padded hand grip on the top of the bag there is a detachable adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad. Bag dimensions are 10" high x 19" long x 7" wide.


PHS Flags - $55 (Non ACOA Member Price - $60)


Own your very own full size PHS flag and show your Corps pride!




The PHS Flag, seen above in close-up and flying on a free standing flagpole below the US Flag, is a high quality material, 3' X 5' foot nylon flag, with the PHS seal printed on two separate pieces of material that are then sewn together with a liner in between so that the seal appears correctly oriented on both sides of the flag. It has metal grommets for flying on either a wall-mounted or free standing flagpole, making it appropriate for proud outdoor display at your home. The flag is equally at home on your office wall, and it also makes a great addition to carry with you on deployment! 


Please note: This item is for personal use and not intended to replace official USPHS flags as noted in Subchapter CC29.9 of the Commissioned Corps Personnel Manual.





PHS Flag Desk Top Set - $10

The PHS Flag Desk Set is available for purchase for your home or office. It includes a 4"x 6" PHS flag in a synthetic silk material on a black plastic staff with a golden tip and a black base that holds the flag.


PHS Magnets - $5

US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps magnets are 5” in diameter and perfect for your car, refrigerator, file cabinet, or anywhere else you would like to show your support for the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.


PHS License Plates - $10

PHS License Plates Available from ACOA – Show your PHS Pride!

These blue and gold embossed metal license plates are unique and perfect for your car or for display in your home or office!



CDC "Challenge" Coin - $10

The newest version of the CDC Challenge is now available for order!


CDC coins are back in stock! 



The newest version of the CDC Challenge Coin features the CDC Logo on the front and the PHS Seal on the back. The coin is 1.75" in diameter, larger than the standard PHS coin.



Enhance your coin purchase with a beautiful blue velvet display box and/or protective acrylic coin case. They make a nice way to display your coin or dress it up for use as a gift. The acrylic case protects your coin when carried in your pocket or purse.

Acrylic coin cases and blue velvet coin boxes are back in stock!

The box and acrylic cases will fit any 1.75" coin but look best with your very own CDC Challenge coin!



                                                                     Acrylic Coin Case $1 each                                                          Blue Velvet Box: $8 each



Atlanta COA Branch Challenge Coin - $10 

ACOA has created its first Atlanta COA branch challenge coin based on the newly designed ACOA logo!



The coin is 2.25 inches tall and made in the shape of Georgia (The quarter provides a sense of the size).  One side of the coin features the new ACOA logo, while the other includes a seal with a phoenix rising from the flames (symbolizing the revitalization of Atlanta after if was nearly burned to the ground during the Civil War), the names of the agencies in the Atlanta metro area to which ACOA members are assigned, the Commissioned Corps mission and the year that ACOA was founded.   

Payments and Shipping

Payment and Contact Information

ACOA Merchandise Coordinator: LCDR Shayne Gallaway

                                                            For additional information or to order ACOA PHS Pride Merchandise, please contact the ACOA Merchandise Coordinator.

Please use a personal (non-government) e-mail address to contact the ACOA Merchandise Coordinator about pride merchandise. The Office of the Surgeon General (OSG) and the HHS Office of the Inspector General (OIG) have advised all local COA branches that government resources such as phones, computers, e-mail addresses, and interoffice mail, may not be used to discuss, sell, or send pride merchandise.

Please contact the ACOA Merchandise Coordinator before sending payment if there are any questions about a specific item or about shipping costs!

Cash or checks (payable to ACOA) are accepted.

Payment may also be made via PayPal – Contact the ACOA Merchandise Coordinator for details! 

Paypal ACOA merchandise Instructions.pdf

We are unable to process credit card payments over the phone.

If you need to mail your payment please contact the ACOA Merchandise Coordinator for the appropriate mailing address.


We make every effort to keep shipping charges to a minimum. If you need to have an item shipped to you, contact the ACOA Merchandise Coordinator for shipping cost details. Items can be mailed to addresses outside Atlanta including international locations with an APO or US Embassy address in most cases.   Typically, we use USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping envelopes or boxes. Tracking is now included in the cost of the Priority Mail shipping. If you wish to have your items shipped using a different carrier please contact the ACOA Merchandise Coordinator to discuss.

Shipping cost for most single items starts at $6.70; costs will likely be higher for shipments to international locations.  Ordering more than one of a particular item or a mix of pride items may affect total shipping costs.  Multiple items can sometimes be put in the same shipping envelope or box to save on shipping expense. Please contact the ACOA Merchandise Coordinator when ordering multiple items or with any questions about shipping.

 Summary of ACOA's PHS pride item prices:



Black Leather PHS Embossed Pad Folio - $30 (Non ACOA Member price - $34)

Atlanta COA Branch Challenge Coin - $10 

PHS 3' x 5' flag - $55 each (Non ACOA Member price - $60)  

PHS Flag Desk Top Set - $10 

PHS License Plate - $10

PHS Commissioned Corps Seal Magnet - $5

CDC Challenge Coin - $10

Acrylic Coin Case: $1

Blue Velvet Coin Box - $8

USPHS Duffel Bag with PHS Seal - $30 (Non ACOA Member price - $34)

PHS Ball Cap - $16

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