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If you are an ACOA member and would like to work on a committee, please volunteer. We welcome your participation!

 2017-2018 ACOA Executive Committee


         LCDR Erika Odom

Immediate Past President  

         CDR Timothy Cunningham 

Vice President  

         LCDR Katrina Sloan  


         LCDR Rachael Cook


         LCDR Diane Downie



ACOA Committee Chairpersons 



CDR Mark Macyszyn

LCDR Virginia Bowen 

Community Service 


LCDR Tamara Henderson

LCDR Angela Thompson-Paul


Professional Development


CDR Eric Tai 

LCDR NaTasha Hollis   

Events Planning 


LT Aaron Grober

LT Tanesha Tutt 



2016-2017 ACOA Store Coordinators


ACOA Uniform Store         

LCDR Andy Geller

LT Paul Smith

LCDR Candis Hunter

LCDR Tanya Simmons



ACOA Merchandise Store         

ACOA Merchandise Coordinator
           Lt Shane Galloway      



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