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LCDR Katrina Sloan

2018-2019 ACOA President

Dear ACOA Membership,

Fall is officially here and some of us missed the onset of it because we were serving our nation! 

I want to personally thank the officers who deployed for the 2018 Hurricane response and send a BIG THANK YOU to their families, friends and co-workers who supported us while we were deployed. I worked the night shift during my deployment for the 2018 Hurricane response; some helpful tips for surviving the night shift will be forthcoming in the newest Signal publication!

I also had time to reflect on who I am as an officer and a person. First, I am a daughter, wife, mother and friend; who loves to travel, a "foodie" and trying to find a healthy balance with the many roles that I have. I couldn't be an Officer serving in the United States Public Health Service without the support of my parents, husband, friends, and family (including the unconditional love of my 1 year old). 

My personal beliefs and nurturing from my family and friends led me to a career to serve others. It is my hope by sharing some of our personal and work experiences that ACOA grows stronger. 

During my tenure as President, my primary focus is to increase and engage the ACOA membership. As a member of ACOA you have an opportunity to meet and share with other local officers. As we participate in the various ACOA sponsored activities, we can uplift and support one another. 

Our Membership Appreciation Cook Out was held on October 20, it was truly a family affair! We all were able to see some of the new ACOA babies, reflect on why we joined ACOA and thank those who previously served on the ACOA EC. At the Cook Out, I challenged every one present to encourage officers they meet, pass by and work with about joining ACOA and attending our events. I am now challenging each of you to do the same.

I look forward to serving and learning from all of you.


LCDR Katrina Sloan

ACOA President, 2018 - 2019

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