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Policies and FAQ


What is the ACOA Uniform Store?

The ACOA Uniform Store is a service provided by the ACOA to provide the opportunity for USPHS officers to obtain uniform and rank items at reduced rates. The Uniform Store sells items at 50% off Navy Nex prices. There is no actual storefront for the ACOA Uniform Store. Each year, a female and a male ACOA member volunteer to serve as uniform store coordinators. You can contact them to donate, swap, and purchase items. If the coordinators are not available, their assistant coordinators may be available to serve you. A recent stock inventory is posted in the Inventory section of this ACOA Uniform Store  page monthly, but officers are welcome to contact the coordinators to check on item availability at any time.


Who is the Women’s Uniform Store Coordinator?

CDR Anne Purfield and LCDR Elizabeth Irvin-Barnwell are currently serving as the Women’s Uniform Store Coordinators.  They may be reached by email at acoawomensuniforms@gmail.com.

Who is the Men’s Uniform Store Coordinator?

LT Shayne Gallaway is currently serving as the Men’s Uniform Store Coordinator.  He may be reached by email at acoamensuniforms@gmail.com.


Can I swap rank devices?

Yes. The ACOA Uniform Store provides officers the opportunity to swap rank items (devices and boards) that are serviceable, authorized and in like-new condition.  Officers may only swap like items; for example, hard shoulder boards for hard shoulder boards (can be different sexes), small rank devices for small rank devices, etc.


When I am swapping shoulder boards, must they match exactly?

Yes. Please make sure that you have MATCHING shoulder boards- same style and both left and right. We can accept mismatched shoulder boards for donations, but not for swapping.


Must I have the frogs (clutch backings) for the rank pins to swap rank devices?

If you are exchanging rank devices, we ask that you make sure that you have the frogs. We do not always have extra frogs on hand to add to devices.  Therefore, if you bring in rank devices without frogs for swapping, we may exchange for another device without frogs.


Can I swap uniform components (clothing)?

The ACOA Uniform Store does not provide the opportunity to swap clothing items.


What condition should items be in?

Your items should be serviceable and in like-new condition.


Can I borrow items from the Uniform Store?

We do not lend out uniform items.


How can I make a purchase?

Officers can purchase items in person with the Uniform Store Coordinator or via shipping (see details below) .


When do I pay for my purchase?

Payment is due upon receipt of the item(s).  The exception is for out of town orders which are due in advance (see below).


How do I pay for my purchase?

Purchases can be made using:

·Cash (exact change preferred),
 ·Checks made out to ACOA (through mail or in person)
 ·Online payments made through PayPal: payment should include shipping costs and a 3% online convenience fee (minimum fee of $.50) to atlantacoa@gmail.com.  In the checkout process, the officer should include a description of their order in the comments field. Once the uniform coordinator has confirmed receipt of payment, the officer may then receive their purchased items.


Can I make a purchase if I reside out of the area?

If you do not live in the Atlanta area, we can ship items to you.  The Uniform Store Coordinator will weigh the shipment and provide you with a shipping cost estimate (may include packaging costs, if necessary).  The buyer must send in a check for full payment before the order is shipped out. The default shipping will be USPS delivery unless another delivery method is recommended by the buyer.


Can I try on items before purchasing or to determine my correct sizing?

Yes, you are welcome to try on different uniform components.  The preferred method for trying on items is to arrange a meeting with the Uniform Store Coordinator.


How do I make my donations?

Donations and came be made in person and via shipping.  For in-person drop-offs, please email the coordinator to set up a time to meet.  If need be, the uniform coordinator can meet you at another location when feasible.


Are my donations to the Uniform Store tax deductible?

No. Donations are not tax deductible as ACOA does not have tax deduction status.


Can I return an item I have purchased?

Returns are generally not accepted.  If you need to try on items for sizing, please discuss with the uniform coordinator (see process specified above).  Returns will be accepted for defective items within one week.  However, you should inspect all items before purchasing.  Returns for any other reason will be decided by the uniform coordinator on a case-by-case basis.


For your convenience here is a printable version of the above FAQ


Uniform Store Inventories

Click: Men's Uniform Inventory 12.31.2017.xlsx for the men's uniform store inventory

Click: Womens Uniform Inventory12.26.17.xlsx for the women's uniform store inventory 

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